Access Access

ACCESS Global Delivery team will help your company to reduce cost and improve the turnaround time in the full engineering cycle from concept to manufacturing / execution.

ACCESS has well-structured function-based approach to improve the value of products, projects, or processes, by finding better, more efficient ways of delivering the function it performs. We analyze a project's systems / components, ensuring that required functions are achieved at the lowest possible overall cost, without sacrificing quality, safety or reliability.

We cover wide range services for Mechanical, Civil & Architectural domains.

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Mylar Conversion
  • New Product Development
  • Legacy Data Conversion & Platform Migration support
  • Manufacturing Documentation

Other Services Includes

Assemblies & Tolerance Analysis

Our engineering team has the ability to create complex assembly models. We do tolerance tests and analysis which improve the performance of machines. Over the years we have created a library of parts which matches global standards.

Generation Of Detailed Drawings

From 3D models supplied by clients or designed by us, Access will generate 2D detailed drawings for manufacturing and machining. Views, Bill of Materials and other relevant information will be displayed as per client standards.

Fixture Design & Detailing

We provide Fixture Design and detailing support for Machine Shops. We have the expertise to extract from Assembly models ( 2D & 3D) and generate information for detailing and produce Bill of Materials.


Photo-realistic animation and walk-throughs of plant during design stages enables engineers to perform corrections which enhances productivity. Modifications and Corrections during construction stages through animations provide more realistic alternatives for clients to recommend and approve changes. Using industry leading software like 3D Studio Max, we create illustrative 3D animations and renders for your design, marketing and presentation needs