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Our team of MEP professionals ensure the complete client satisfaction by putting in place a system evolved over a Total Quality Management program. We have served prestigious clients and aim at serving more clients in coming days.

HVAC Systems

Our team of highly experienced Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) engineers adopts a methodical approach towards various conditions like equipments, duct sizing, climate configuration, orientation, optimal space usage conforming to standards like ASHRAE and the National Building Code (NBC).

We Provide For Each Of Our Projects The:

  • Concept and Schematic Diagram
  • Heat load Calculations
  • Design of ducts, its shapes, the equipments required based on the air distribution Network
  • Designing the Air handling unit specs
  • Design of proper thermal insulations


Our plumbing engineers are well experienced and have delivered a wide range of Plumbing/Sanitary systems to our clients ranging from commercial complexes to huge residential complexes. All Plumbing/Sanitary system is designed and installed in conformance with the following codes, regulations and standards:

We provide services starting from the feasibility Study, design and detailed drawings including hot water plants, infrastructure and building sewage systems.

Electrical Systems

Our team of electrical engineers with in-depth experience in both the High voltage and Low voltage engineering and have delivered services and solutions to

  • EHV / HV Substations
  • Captive Power Generation Plants
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies, PDU’s, Voltage Stabilizers, etc
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Internal Lighting and Power Distribution
  • Illumination Design
  • Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
  • Voice and Data Networking System

Consultancy Services

Our team of consulting engineers provides consultation services in various MEP sectors and also in ELV services which include system integration for diverse applications such as residential, commercial, hotels, hospitals, industries and institutes. We provide and deliver shop drawings from the tender/design drawing and will have the complete coordinated drawings in place including approval of the drawings from authorities.